Lou Profile

Proprietors Wayne Roatz and Lou Gordon

Located at 107 Taylor Street Toowoomba Qld, Queensland Choice Meats is a retail butchery with a marketing difference.

All the products at Queensland Choice Meats are selected for their high quality.

You can be sure that if you buy from this high quality shop, you will be more then happy with the standard you present at the table.

The modern day Queensland Choice Meats has been a butcher shop since 1921 and over the years has built a reputation for quality and consistency that people have come to trust and expect.

Originally owned by the Hurley family and in recent years by the Hart family synonymous with the feed lotting industry in Queensland.

In most recent years Queensland Choice Meats has been owned and operated by Lou Gordon & Wayne Roatz both long term employees of the Hart family with a combined experience in the meat industry of over 60 years.

Queensland Choice Meats – Make every meal a┬áspecial occasion.