Toowoomba is set to be extra busy this coming week with the annual Farmfest Field Days starting Tuesday 5th June.

For those making tracks to the Toowoomba Region you are most welcome to order your meat supplies before you arrive and we will have your order ready to be picked-up from Queensland Choice Meats at 20 Freighter Avenue, Toowoomba.

For this week’s specials we’ve added another exceptional special on the already wholesale priced 150 day Whole Grainfed Rump. The whole rump is locally sourced and produced through Beef City.

This week’s full specials on wholesale prices  are:

  • Chicken Drumsticks: $2.99kg

  • Chicken Nibbles: $3.99kg

  • 150 day Whole Grainfed Rump: $14.99kg 

  • Pork Sausages: $4.99kg

  • Blade Roast: $10.99kg

  • US Pork Ribs: $12.99kg

To order your meat supplies go online at any time of the day or call through to place orders on (07) 4634 3590 between 8am and 2.30pm. If you call early we CAN do a same-day pick-up.

We also offer a cryovac service which is perfect for the camping trips along with our famous homemade sauces available in Diane, Mushroom and Pepper.

Plus there’s treats for your pets.

  • Bag of dog bones: $1.00
  • Chicken frames:  80c kg
  • Pet Meat:  $1kg for a 2kg Frozen Pack

You can order these online but you are most welcome to call through more specific orders on (07) 4634 3590.

Our local team of butchers are at the ready to get your meat orders ready.

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